Global warming and environmental issues such as clean water supply has reached serious proportions today are increasingly environmentally friendly / sustainable building concept is becoming increasingly popular. Because the research result in approximately 40 percent of world energy consumption, water consumption is about 30 percent were found to have resulted from the building. Moreover, about 90 percent of human life pass by in the building. All of these reasons, less resource-consuming, more efficient and environmentally friendly buildings is the need for a more livable to the forefront. Environmentally friendly buildings are just providing energy and water savings. Building the health and comfort of residents is also crucial. Environmentally friendly buildings are designed, indoor air quality, natural lighting, temperature and humidity control are planned factors affecting directly the human health such as waste management, also it aims to leave a cleaner environment to the end user with the methods used in the construction. According to some foreign funded research, it is seen that living or working in environmentally friendly buildings and work they have higher performance than those in other less sick building.

As the name suggests, the most important step in the process leading to the design of the building environmentally friendly buildings. In order to make the building environmentally friendly way to go, all design-oriented environment and energy in the process to move additional costs that may arise during the construction phase of the building will also minimize. Well planned and the stage of the road to environmentally friendly building, a project needs to be managed in the discipline. Taking into account all the effects on the environment of the construction of environmentally friendly buildings at this point to examine a holistic approach, a roadmap draws and international standards that integrate it, the world has been accepted and applied evaluation and it is important to take advantage of the certification system. One of the most widely known of these systems is the LEED certification system from the United States.

The LEED certification system emerged in 1998, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is a green building certification system developed by. English stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" is.



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