Since the year 1985 operating Citrus Topal, 30 year experience, with quality and commercial morals “Vegetable and Fruit” industry leading companies in the world can compete with the level came. In 2005 with the participation of the new generation of power in the domestic market increased.


5.000m² closed area, 6.000 m² 11.000m² open area, the “Packing Plant” and 450 tons last modern “Cold Air Facility” has a processing capacity of 20 tons per hour. This is natural as well as cold storage with 2.000 tons of annual production capacity of 20.000 tons of experience to their customers and 30 year long shelf life and hygienic production is proud to offer fresh fruit, we came to the preferred brand.


Citrus products in all of the lame, the same rigorous study of the Mediterranean as a result of the natural flavor and quality standards they have been found. Because our company has worked a minimum of 10 years, customer satisfaction principle, experienced Professional technical staff and open new horizons for management organization that can offer our customers service.



Garden products in our factory from carefully collected, respectively, washing and drying stage passes through drugs. Longitude, select and then comes to the packaging section. Package size fort he products, separated according to gender and quality of domestic and foreign markets will be released.

Stockin withing our factory located in our Modern Cold Weather and Natural Cold Storage will be stored.


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Related to food production in our company all of our documents are available.

In Turkey, the reception of all kinds of vegetables, packaging and export is done. During this process without compromising the flavor and freshness of products we offer to our consumers.

Turkey at the reception of any kind of fruit, packaging and export is done. Freshness and flavor of the fruit during this process without compromising our consumer offer.


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