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Hijaz is pleasant and slightly tart pomegranate, very dark red (burgundy or close to) color, durable and a pomegranate types of industrial touch tooth core. In our country, there are approximately 98 types of pomegranate. Turkey's Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean region, especially in the mountains and can grow easily in the plains irrigated land -28C 'cold-resistant hicaz importance every day of the pomegranate is understood. The world's 40 years of Hejaz Pomegranate since last 3-5 years in our country since he knows the importance of being well planted and consumed quickly. Produced in our country's delicate hicaz 90% is exported. Removing water from the Hejaz Pomegranate since 2006, he entered the service pack has been started and the whole world. Our big juice companies in our country in 2006, but were able to remove the water from the pomegranate. Because this was a matter of supply and demand and social demand was rising rapidly. 80 thousand of our country throughout the world equivalent of 1 million tons of pomegranate demand tonnes, 30 thousand tonnes of production as world supply and demand balance in Iran yapılmaktadır.2006 gives 80% to 90% open.


The most popular fruit in the 21st century will be to rapidly increase production will be increased consumption of Hejaz Pomegranate. Drinking cola drinks that our people wear starched shirts in the 19th century; Drinking cola drinks in the 20th century (!) Began to realize his mistake. OSTEDPOROZ increased by 40% in the last 30 years (osteoporosis) disease of our people Türkan milk, buttermilk Turkan, yoghurt Türkan from uzaklaştırararak is due to turn to cola drinks. 21st Century at Checkers shoe to the Hejaz pomegranate is the only product of cola drinks. Color, pleadings, flavor, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins with the world's great the Hejaz Pomegranate 10 will be the 21st century's most popular fruit. A day to eat or drink a glass of pomegranate juice a pomegranate, male prostate and prevents the formation of many cancers, including breast cancer in women. Hijaz active ingredient in pomegranate seed while preventing the active ingredients in pomegranate juice in cancer development remains the heart and circulatory system. Although small amounts of cholesterol and lipids (fats) are the direction to reduce the level of scientific explanations.



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