From the eighties till now, it is the variety, which expanded the most in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. It is a mid-season variety being in fact a Tangelo, the fruits are rather large with a typical prominent neck and few seeds. At maturity, the rind is deep red orange, bright and smooth, with a thickness of 3,62 mm. The rind is moderately adherent to the flesh. The flesh hue is orange, tender, juicy (45,77 %), flavoured, slightly acid and aromatic. This fruit is very appreciated for its quality.


Convenient for storage and transport.


Origin : USA

Year of Release : 1931

Fruit Rind : Dark Reddish orange colour, bright, smooth

Fruit Meat : Orange colour, soft, juicy

Fruit Shape : A little long vertically, thick at top

Fruit Diameter : 50 mm

Fruit Weight : 100-125 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Medium loose

Juice Level : 43,90%

Seed Level : 1-2

Puffing : Low

Maturity/Harvest Period : January, February

Periodicity : High


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