The Okitsu mandarine, from the Satsuma mandarine group, has widely began to expand these last years in the Eastern Mediterranean Region in Turkey. The fruits are quite large and flat oblate. This mandarin is sweet, seedless and peels easily. It is a resistant variety, coming 3 to 5 weeks earlier than the Owari variety and is convenient for storage. Most of the Satsuma mandarins grown in Turkey and particularly in the Aegean Region are constituted by the Owari variety, which is the most produced and exported fruit. It is an early variety. The fruit are medium to small, oval in shape and nearly seedless. At full maturity, the fruit rind is yellowish orange and slightly rough, with a thickness of 3,37 mm. It is very juicy (43,90 %), especially when mature. The flesh is dark orange. The flavour, taste and quality of this variety are excellent. Convenient for storage and transport.


Origin : Japan

Year of Release : 1870-1880

Fruit Rind : Yellowish Orange, little rough

Fruit Meat : Orange colour

Fruit Shape : Flat

Fruit Diameter : 50-60 mm

Fruit Weight : 80-100 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Loose

Juice Level : 43,90%

Seed Level : Seedless

Puffing : High

Maturity/Harvest Period : October, early variety

Periodicity : Low


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