Turkey is the country in the world where this variety is grown the most, and especially in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Being a very early variety, it takes the biggest share in Turkish lemon exports.


It has a large sized, elliptical long shape with a greenish-yellow flesh and few seeds (6-7 seeds). The rind is light green, thin, bright and smooth. Its peculiar characteristic is the leaning nipple. Juice content 31,39 %.


MOrigin : Nizza - Sicily

Year of Release : 1875

Fruit Rind : Light green, bright, thin and smooth

Fruit Meat : Greenish yellow

Fruit Shape : Wide, long, cylindrica

Fruit Diameter : l55-60 mm

Fruit Weight : 105-110 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Medium

Juice Level : 31,39%

Seed Level : 6-7 seeds

Puffing : Late, possible after harvest

Maturity/Harvest Period : September-October, earliest variety

Periodicity : Possible


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