Kutdiken is the oldest lemon variety produced in Turkey, it has a thick shell (5,76 mm). Sugar level is 8,81% and acid level is 7,16%. It has not much juice level and has 10 or more seeds. Also it has high productivity since it is middle season fruit. It can be harvested from November to February and has storing limit for 9 months. Kutdiken is highly preferred and exported by Turkey for these features.


Kutdiken is mostly produced in Mediterranean region in Hatay and Mersin.


Origin : Feminello Selection

Year of Release : No recording

Fruit Rind : Light greenish yellow or lemon yellow, bright, smooth

Fruit Meat : Yellow

Fruit Shape : Elliptical

Fruit Diameter : 60-65 mm

Fruit Weight : 120-125 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Tight

Juice Level : 32,96%

Seed Level : 10 seeds

Puffing : None

Maturity/Harvest Period : November-February

Periodicity : None


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