This variety needs specific ecological conditions to be grown and therefore is found in a limited area of the Mediterranean region, in the Mersin western groves: Erdemli, Silifke. It is an early variety of very good quality, coming just after the Enterdonato lemon. It is very juicy, convenient for storage and transport. It can be stored for a long period in the natural warehouses of Central Anatolia.


It has a medium-sized and elliptical shape, with an obvious nipple and a rounded neck and very few seeds (3-5). It owns an outstanding flavour and taste. Its rind is yellow, bright and smooth, medium thick. Juice content 34,96 %.


Origin : No recording

Year of Release : No recording

Fruit Rind : Light greenish yellow, smooth, bright

Fruit Meat : Yellow

Fruit Shape : Wide, long, cylindrical

Fruit Diameter : 60-65 mm

Fruit Weight : 110-120 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Tight

Juice Level : 34,96%

Seed Level : 3-5 seeds

Puffing : Possible at late harvest

Maturity/Harvest Period : November-February, mid season

Periodicity : Possible


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