This is the most grown color grapefruit variety in the world. Due to its high and regular productivity, it is one of the most widely grown varieties in the Western Mediterranean Region of Turkey.


It has got a medium-sized slightly flat rounded shape and its rind is yellowish orange with pink blushes, slightly rough, with an average thickness of 7 mm. Having few seeds, this juicy (38,46 %) and aromatic mid-season fruit is a variety of quality. After maturation, it can bear on tree for a long time and in suitable conditions can be stored as much as four months. Convenient for transport.


Origin : USA

Year of Release : 1934

Fruit Rind : Pinky yellow orange colour, light rough

Fruit Meat : Light pink or pink

Fruit Shape : Round, lightly pressed

Fruit Diameter : 90-95 mm

Fruit Weight : 300-350 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Medium Tight

Juice Level : 38,46%

Seed Level : 2-3 seeds

Puffing : None

Maturity/Harvest Period : December-January, mid season

Periodicity : None


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