Being grown in the Western Mediterranean Region, this variety is one of the oldest white grapefruit varieties produced in Turkey. These last years, it is mainly used for the segment industry.


The fruit is medium-sized, slightly oval-round, with a thin and smooth rind, of right yellow colour. It is nearly seedless (2-3), with a tender light yellow flesh, which is extremely rich, juicy (% 38,61), aromatic and crispy. This mid-season variety can bear on tree for a long time and is convenient for storage and transport.


Origin : USA

Year of Release : 1890

Fruit Rind : Yellow, smooth, bright and thin

Fruit Meat : Juicy, light yellow

Fruit Shape : Round, lightly pressed

Fruit Diameter : 95-100 mm

Fruit Weight : 300-350 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Tight

Juice Level : 38,61%

Seed Level : 2-3 seeds

Puffing : None

Maturity/Harvest Period : Mid January-Early March, mid late fruit

Periodicity : None


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