It is the oldest Navel orange known in the Mediterranean Region. Among the oranges sold for fresh consumption, it is the most appreciated variety. It flourishes in all the Mediterranean Coast from Antalya to Hatay. These last years, new plantations of Navel oranges have been made.


The fruits are big, oblate rounded, with a typical navel at the end. The thick (5-7 mm) easily removed rind is dark orange and slightly rough. It has an excellent flavour, its taste being sweet but acid enough. This seedless variety is of easy slicing. It is a mid-season orange, convenient for storage and transportation.


Origin : Brazil, Bahia Region

Year of Release : 1886-1896

Fruit Rind : Orange, dark orange, little rough

Fruit Meat : Orange colour, brittle

Fruit Shape : Between round and elliptical, with a typical navel at the end

Fruit Diameter : 75 – 80 mm

Fruit Weight : 200-250 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Tight

Juice Level : 33,4 %

Seed Level : Seedless

Puffing : None

Maturity/Harvest Period : November-February

Periodicity : None


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