The main production area of this variety in Turkey is the Mediterranean Region. It adapts very well to different ecological conditions and is the latest variety of sweet orange to be grown, supporting well high temperatures. Known under different names, this variety is both suitable for fresh and industrial consumption.


This orange of high quality is very much appreciated for its excellent flavour and its very good taste, aromatic. The fruit is yellowish orange in colour, roundish-oblong in shape and a thin, somewhat pebbly rind, nearly seedless. The septa is generally hard and thick and the flesh is moderately tightened to the flesh and juicy (45,91 %).The fruit ships and stores exceptionally well.


Origin : Azores, Portugal-Spain

Year of Release : 1860

Fruit Rind : Light orange, little rough

Fruit Meat : Orange colour, delicious

Fruit Shape : Pressed round, little elliptical

Fruit Diameter : 65-70 mm

Fruit Weight : 160-165 g

Shell’s Adhesion : Medium

Juice Level : 45,91%

Seed Level : Close to Seedless

Puffing : None

Maturity/Harvest Period : February-March (late variety)

Periodicity : Low possibility


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